Essay 20: Spending more time away from homes

Essay 20-Spending more time away from homes-IELTS Tution

Nowadays, people are spending more time away from their homes because they spend longer in their workplace. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

Undoubtedly, life has become faster and hectic for employees these days. This is because more and more time is spent at job places by them than in their homes. Although this routine has some benefits like increased productivity for businesses and better earnings for employees, there are some drawbacks such as compromising health and family time.

The foremost advantage of extended work hours for businesses is the increase in their production. That is to say, individuals who work after stipulated hours can surely do more work than those who do a routine 8-hour shift. They are surely an asset for owners to meet orders well before time. Another positive outcome for spending more time at work stations is the increase in the monthly income of the employees. The more they work after designated hours, the more they will earn to meet household expenses. For instance, a vast majority of employers pay double the hourly rate for working on holidays. In short, working long hours is not only advantageous to the employees but also to the employers.

However, there are a few demerits to this trend as well, and one such is adverse effects on a worker’s health. Those who do double shifts or part-time work develop a hectic routine. They may not get enough sleep which combined with work stress affects their health negatively. Similarly, staying late at the place of work leads to very less or no time for spouses, children, relatives, and parents. This adversely affects family bonding and may lead to broken family bonds. To illustrate, American Psychological Association has pointed out that there is a higher divorce rate in couples when both partners are working and find little time to spend together.

To sum up, despite demerits like finding no time to spend with families and detrimental effects on health, people spend most part of their day at workplaces to enhance their income and production of businesses they work for.