Essay 17: Role of earnings for a happier society

Essay 17-Role of earnings for a happier society-IELTS Tution

Some people say that to produce a happier society we must ensure that there is a small difference in earnings between the rich and the poor. To what extent do you agree?

Undoubtedly, every government in the world tries to provide its citizens with every possible facility so that its nation becomes more peaceful and happy. It is thought that for a happier society, the disparity between the earnings of the rich and the poor must be ensured to be minimal. I am in staunch support of this notion as a difference in earnings can promote inferiority complex and attraction towards crimes among the deprived ones, which may disturb the peace and happiness of society overall.

The huge difference in salaries among the citizens leads to feelings of depression among the deprived ones. That is to say, when they cannot afford basic amenities of life like healthcare, education for their kids, and food, it may create feelings of anger and frustration against the government and wealthy people. These frustrated people when seeing the luxurious lifestyle of the elite class may develop the thinking that they are second-class citizens. Therefore, to uplift the lifestyle of the poor people, governments should minimize the difference in income by taxing rich people and incentivizing the poor ones.

Furthermore, the contrast in earnings of well off individuals and poor citizens can also lead to a hike in crimes. The menial amount the impoverished people earn is usually not enough to support their families, so they tend to indulge in criminal activities. The recent research conducted by the New York Police Department, for instance, revealed that the majority of the criminals they caught are unable to make both ends meet. Consequently, they loot people which in turn disrupts the peace of society.

To conclude, I ardently support the view that for a peaceful society, the difference in salaries of its citizens needs to be minimized. This would give all residents a chance to enjoy a respectable lifestyle free of depression, jealousy, or complexes. In short, this would lead to a happier community.