Essay 21: How to reduce plastic bags and rubbish?

Essay 21-How to reduce plastic bags and rubbish-IELTS Tution

Many people say that we have developed into a throw-away culture because we are filling up our environment with so many plastic bags and rubbish that we cannot fully dispose of. To what extent do you agree with this opinion and what measures can you recommend to reduce this problem?

Undoubtedly, our planet is experiencing a grave environmental issue of pollution through the accumulation of non-degradable waste. I am in staunch agreement with the notion of many that the major cause of this increased pollution is the culture of single-use materials that do not decompose easily. Nonetheless, incentivizing the recycling process and imposing strict bans on using non-degradable plastic bags can help mitigate the situation.

Unfortunately, our habit of using plastic products including shopping bags is the cause of polluting the earth with a lot of trash. Shopkeepers usually prefer plastic over paper or cotton bags to pack things. The reason behind their choice is that it saves them the cost and effort required to use traditional utensils again and again. Similarly, restaurants and even people at home mostly use plastic cups, boxes, glasses, and bottles to serve food items. This has resulted in the accumulation of huge plastic waste in our environment, which does not get decomposed easily; thus, disturbing the natural ecosystem.

One major step to control the spread of plastic waste is providing incentives to recycle different products. For instance, companies can add a menial amount to the actual price of the product, and on submitting the empty packing back to the company, one can get a refund of the deducted amount. This would encourage people to aid the companies in the recycling process instead of throwing away packings into dustbins.  Another useful action to curtail the incessant increase in plastic bags is the introduction of a ban on them. As such, people would have no choice but to use biodegradable paper wrappings and cotton bags to carry items, which are environment friendly.

In conclusion, I ardently share the belief of those who say that single-use plastic products and shopping bags are the reason behind the piles of waste accumulating in our surroundings. The adverse effects of these non-degradable items can be reduced by imposing a ban on the use of these and promoting the culture of recycling.