Essay 22: Problems attached to mobile phones

Essay 22-Problems attached to mobile phones-IELTS Tution

There are social, medical, and technical problems attached to mobile phones. What forms do they take? Do you agree that the problems outweigh the benefits of mobile phones?

Undoubtedly, our ways of communication have revolutionized since the advent of smartphones. Although robust connectivity is a significant benefit of mobile phones, there are many adverse effects of this technology on our health, privacy, and social relationships; therefore, I believe that improper use of mobile phones brings more disadvantages than benefits.

Mobile phones have provided us with a powerful and interactive communication opportunity. This was not possible when people used to post letters to each other for communication, which was definitely time-consuming and less interactive. Now, people not only can send text messages instantly but also make video calls to their acquaintances, irrespective of the distance,  for minimal charges. However, there are many problems associated with phones, and one such is a detrimental impact on health. That is to say, if a person stays in front of the screen for extended hours, he can experience a weak eyesight issue. Similarly, overuse of mobile phones can damage the muscular system of the neck if the phone is not kept at a proper distance and angle to face.

Furthermore, smartphones can be a cause of personal information being stolen if not handled carefully. To illustrate, browsing an insecure site or installing a malicious application can lead to the loss of personal images, passwords, files, and credit card information. In addition to that, physical interaction has been impaired by modern cell phones. Now, many youngsters prefer to spend time using phones than with family or playing outside. For instance, people, nowadays, are usually unaware of who is living in their neighborhood, leave aside caring about them. This is drastically impacting the social fabric of our society.

To conclude, despite serving as a swift and effective means of communication, I opine the view that excessive and improper use of mobile phones has overshadowed the benefits they offer us. Poor health, less physical interaction with friends and family, and privacy issues are a few of the multitude of disadvantages of mobile phones.