Essay 23: How to prevent animals & plants from dying out?

Essay 23-How to prevent animals & plants from dying out-IELTS Tution

Far too little has been done to prevent animals and plants from dying out, although people have been aware of this problem for a long time. Why do people do so little about it? Give your suggestions on how to solve this problem.

Over the past century, numerous species of plants and animals have become extinct, and an even greater number of them face extinction in the near future. However, humans have been unable to save most of them due to the lack of resources and inadequate laws. However, this problem can be tackled by making laws for their protection more effective and increasing funds for the welfare of wildlife.

One major reason behind not taking sufficient action to save the extinction of both animals and plants is the lack of budget. The majority of governments around the globe do not have enough funds to provide even basic amenities like education, healthcare, and housing to their citizens. Therefore, despite knowing that various living species are threatened and endangered, they cannot do much to protect them. Another reason behind this problematic situation is the absence of stringent laws. For example, illegal hunting of Bengal Tigers in India has resulted in their population plummeting to just around 300. Likewise, massive deforestation to meet energy demands has caused serious threats to the survival of various herbs and plants. In short, many living species are on the edge of extinction because of dysfunctional laws and officials.

Nevertheless, many living organisms can be saved from extinction by investing more in R&D. To illustrate, research to find the causative agents behind infections in animals and plants, as well as the cure can help save their lives. Similarly, such seeds can be invented that can sustain both the attack of diseases and adverse weather patterns. This can be made possible by recruiting scientists and funding their research. Moreover, by enforcing a ban on illegal hunting, rare breeds can be raised. Likewise, deforestation can be discouraged by imposing fines and imprisoning the offenders. Provision of alternate means of energy like natural gas to residents can also be instrumental to curb the trend of illegal cutting of trees.

To conclude, although humans are aware that some species are facing the threat of extinction, they have not been able to take necessary actions due to the lack of resources and effective laws. Therefore, more budget needs to be spent on research as well as legislating and enforcing new laws to protect them from diseases and exploitation.