Essay 11: Why is news so important to people?

Essay 11-News importance to people-IELTS Tution

News plays an important part in most people’s lives. Why is news so important to people? Why is so much news dedicated to bad news? Should the news focus on good news instead?

News media keeps people updated about the happenings around the world, and is especially for business people as it influences their business decisions. Nonetheless, due to viewership preferences, bad news takes more space when there is definitely a need for more good news to spread hope and stop the spread of depression among the masses.

The key importance of news for people lies in it influencing their daily decision-making process. For instance, key information like daily currency exchange rates and crucial business reports published in news could really help a business person to make the right decisions. Similarly, a person can get weather forecasts and plan their outdoor activities accordingly. In short, crucial information provided through newspapers or media channels helps in carrying out routine activities more efficiently and effectively.

Unfortunately, there is a trend that unpleasant news gets more coverage compared to the good news. One major reason behind this is that the audience pays more attention to unusual events. To illustrate, Crime Patrol, a famous Indian crime reenactment show, has millions of followers in India. This is because people prefer to know about scams, murders, accidents, and abduction cases so that they can save themselves if they ever face such a situation. Consequently, such shows and stories get more airtime than positive developments.

Although the bad news is a source of information for some, it can be depressing for others. They can affect the social fabric of a society in a way that everyone might end up suspecting each other unnecessarily. This can lead to a lack of trust among citizens and promote anxiety. Therefore, positive developments and accomplishments like sports achievement of an athlete or innovation by a scientist, need to be reported more often as these can not only encourage others to do their best but also promote hope and a sense of happiness.

To conclude, people give substantial attention to the news to get information and knowledge helpful for them in making decisions. Although the bad news is more covered because of more viewership demand, they are not as helpful as good news for society; and that is why positive stories need to be covered more excessively.