Essay 6: Spoken vs Written communication

Essay 6-Spoken vs Written Communication-IELTS Tution

Spoken communication is always more powerful than written communication. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, great emphasis is put on developing communication skills in order to succeed in the job place and in businesses. However, there is a debate going on which mean of communication is the most effective. I am in staunch support of the notion that conveying an argument through speaking is always far better than through writing, as the former involves gestures and expressions helpful to convey ideas more efficiently, and room for the misconception is little compared to that in writing.

To begin with, verbal communication involves hand movements and facial expressions, making it easier for recipients to understand information. That is to say, the audiences not only can listen to what is being said but also in what mood it is being said. For instance, recent research conducted by an American motivational firm revealed that around 70% of their employees follow verbal instructions more precisely than the written ones. The seriousness of instructions is sensed through expressions and body language; therefore, spoken communication is given more weight-age than the textual one.

Moreover, there is a lesser chance of ambiguity in a face to face interaction than the written correspondence. This is because, one has the liberty to ask any question to clear his misconception, rather than developing a wrong understanding. A survey carried out by Oxford University, for example, showed that about 80% of their teachers said that the response of students in verbal lectures is better than that in written lessons. The reason behind this is that the students perfect their concepts by asking questions from the tutors, which is not possible in the case of textual handouts where there are chances of developing wrong concepts and ideas leading to poorer grades.

To conclude, I am ardently in favor of the view that spoken interaction is more instrumental than the written one, as the chance of understanding the ideas are way more than in written communication because of body gestures, facial expressions, and minimal misconceptions.