Essay 3: Should children learn how to grow food?

Essay 3 - Children Grow Food - IELTS Tution

Some people think that children should learn how to grow food and cook with it in their lessons. What is your opinion about this?

Nowadays, there is a great debate going on revamping the school curriculum to equip young ones with conventional skills. Accordingly, it is said by a segment of society that school-going children should not only be taught how to grow vegetables but also how to cook them. I also believe this would be beneficial to curtail food wastage and reliance on junk food, so it must be taught in schools.

Firstly, the amount of effort and time put by students to grow different food items would make them realize not to waste it. They would take only as much food as they can east instead of leaving it on the plates to be wasted. The statistics of the London Food Authority, for example, revealed that around 40% of the food served in big marriage halls and restaurants goes to waste bins. This is because people usually are not aware of the efforts of farmers to grow crops. By learning to grow food themselves at a little age in school would make the students conscious while ordering food; consequently, no or little food gets wasted.

Secondly, the reliance on fast food can also be minimized if students start learning how to cook food themselves. Students, workers, and singles who are away from their homes and do not know how to cook, usually eat burgers, pizzas, and other ready-made dishes. These meals are not as healthy as homemade food. So, if they get a chance to gain cooking skills at school age, they may not have to eat outside. As a result, they would remain healthy by avoiding junk food.

To sum up, I share the opinion that young students should be taught to grow and cook food items in school. This can make them realize not to waste food, and can also enable them to restrain from eating junk food by cooking themselves.