Essay 2: Best Time Utilization – Family vs Career

Essay 2-Time- IELTS Tution

Some people say that spending time to develop a successful career is the most important thing. Others say that spending it with family is more important. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Undoubtedly, it is a major desire of every young professional to have a successful career to support their family and enjoy a respectable lifestyle. Some even consider it crucial enough to rightfully claim a major portion of one’s time; however, others think that giving family adequate time is more important. Although I agree that time spent with loved ones helps one to relax, priority should be given to the work as it can be more instrumental in providing basic amenities of life to family members.

Usually, a person feels more relaxed while in the company of his family members and friends. This is because, firstly, one he can share his problems with his own people and can get some honest solutions. Secondly, one can catch a break from the daily hectic routine and enjoy quality time with their loved ones. For instance, a recent report by BBC News revealed that about 70% of the working class prefers to spend time with their families instead of doing extra work at their job places, as it is more satisfying for them. Therefore, some people consider it to be more vital to spend time with their relatives and friends than working on their goals.

However, a section of society including me believes that more time should be allocated to work for building a successful career. That is to say, to make a name in a field, one has to put a lot of effort and time. If a person does not give priority to his work over family, he may not achieve the requisite targets for reaching a prominent position in an organization. Thereafter, a person can afford to finance their children’s education, healthcare for their families, and other luxuries of life. Therefore, giving time to work is crucial for both a successful career and affording a reasonable lifestyle.

To conclude, although I consider a person should spend reasonable time with friends and family members to rejoice, but more focus and hours need to be spent to excel in their field as it instrumental to live a decent and comfortable lifestyle.