Essay 1: Role of Employees in Decision Making

Essay 1- Decision Making- IELTS Tution

Some people believe that managers should take all the company decisions, while others think it is better to include company employees in decision making. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Over the past few decades, different models of management have been introduced.¬†According to some, all decision making should be done by the managers of an organization, while others consider workers involvement in decision making to be more beneficial. Although managers are trained and more qualified for taking decisions, I believe employees’ input can be beneficial because of their awareness about ground realities and a sense¬†of ownership.

On one hand, those who argue in favor of managers taking all decisions in a company do so citing their experience and qualifications. That is to say, they are the ones who reach such management positions after many years of experience, which makes them capable enough to make all decisions themselves. Similarly, most of them have specific degrees suitable for taking critical decisions at the company level. For instance, HRM and PNP are a few of many disciplines in which individuals take diplomas and degrees to get a managerial position in their company. Therefore, they are well equipped to take all decisions.

On the other hand, many believe that workers’ input can be useful and needs to be considered as well. This is because they know realities on the ground better than most of their higher-ups. For example, while ordering new machines similar to which are operated already by workers, they can help select those which are easier to operate and efficient in the given working conditions. Moreover, workers feel a sense of ownership when decisions are taken with their input, and work more eagerly to make the organization a successful one rather than the one in which there is no involvement of them.

To sum up, I share the notion that managers should not take all decisions themselves; instead, they should involve workers’ input to ensure a greater sense of responsibility and better decisions.