Essay 27: Does advertising impact consumers’ behavior?

Essay 27 - Does advertising impact consumers' behavior? -
Advertising influences people to buy things such as clothes and shoes. What are the problems caused by that? What solutions can be given?

Nowadays, advertising has a considerable influence on many consumers’ purchase decisions, especially regarding items such as clothes and shoes. While this can be a powerful tool for businesses to increase their sales, there are several adverse effects such as excessive spending and body complex. This essay will discuss the negatives of advertising and suggest possible solutions to mitigate them.

One key issue with the promotion of fashion items via advertising is that it can lead to an increase in consumerism. People may be tempted to purchase items they may not need or even want just because they were advertised to them. This can come at a significant cost to their finances, which could then lead to debt or other financial difficulties. Furthermore, the environment can also suffer due to excessive consumerism as more resources are used to produce the items, and waste is generated from discarded items.

Another problem with clothing and shoe advertising is that it can lead to unrealistic expectations about appearance. Advertisements often feature models with perfect figures and flawless skin, leading people to assume that these features are achievable in reality. This can have a profoundly negative effect on individuals’ self-esteem and body image, with studies showing that it is particularly damaging to young people who are still in the process of forming their identities.

In order to tackle the aforementioned issues companies should focus more on product quality and durability when marketing rather than solely on its visual appeal. This will reduce the chances of individuals feeling compelled to buy things they don’t need, as well as give them access to products that last longer and can be reused. In addition to this, strict regulations should be put in place to ensure that all models featured in advertisements are over a certain age and that they are never edited to remove any sign of imperfection. Lastly, education should be provided to inform people of the potential impacts of excessive consumerism and the dangers of holding oneself to unrealistic standards of attractiveness.

To conclude, advertising of clothes and shoes has both positive and negative effects, the latter of which cannot be ignored. To aim for responsible spending, various solutions can be implemented such as an emphasis on quality products, stringent regulations, and targeted educational programs.