Essay 13: Are cars the best way to travel in a city?

Essay 13-Cars the best way to travel in a city-IELTS Tution

Some people think that cars are the best way to travel in a city, while others think that bicycle is better. Discuss both points of view and give your opinion.

Undoubtedly, the modes of transportation have revolutionized over the past few decades. It is believed by some that cars are the optimal solution to commute within a city, owing to the comfort they offer. However, I personally support the view that bicycle is better than cars as it offers cheaper and faster movement in urban centers.

Cars definitely bring a luxurious and comfortable ride to the users. The seats are mostly spacious and one can lay back and relax while traveling. Moreover, there are facilities like A.C. and heater in most modern car models that can protect the passenger from the extremes of ambient weather conditions. Consequently, due to these amenities, some believe car travel to be the best solution for moving within a city.

However, car travel can be expensive and time consuming for some due to which bicycle is believed by them as a better alternative. Students, for instance, are usually not able to afford motor vehicles, and thus, bicycles are preferable for them to travel to their institutes located in their city. Furthermore, in populated cities, cabs and personal cars could take more time to reach the destination due to traffic congestion, whereas bicycles tend to take less space and can go through narrow streets and traffic jams. Hence, it is evident that bicycles are a more economical and swift mode of travel within a city.

To conclude, although cars are comfortable for passengers, they are not affordable for all. Therefore, I consider bicycles to be the best means to travel in a city, as they are not only cheaper but also quicker means than cars for intracity travel.